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The Bible Today

The bible was clearly written several years ago when different things and occasions were present (Jones, 1982). It was written to solve the situations and circumstances that were present way back then. According to the statement, it is archaic and has lost meaning and relevance in today’s world. It is true that the bible has gone through its time and has also been less and less relevant in today’s world. The examples like disease that were present in that time like leprosy are no longer there or no longer heard of or even found cure long time ago. Science has clearly advanced in many areas and more so in the biological aspect of it, it has proven the bible wrong.

Looking at the bible itself doesn’t only try to solve the issue that were present at that time. Most situations that were present at that time are relevant and can be applied though not directly. We can learn how things were solved then and use them to solve the problems that are present nowadays. It is clear that the bible was not only designed to solve the problems that were present way back then but also to be applied right now. Mysteries that were present way back then might have been solved now but clearly there is still a wide array of them as per now. The bible is thus responsible for them. Not just diminishing the bible as irrelevant and old, some of its predictions and prophesies have come to pass. It is not a doubt that the other ones that have not yet pass will have its time. It is therefore important to keep the bible and believe in it. The bible is also structured into two. The old and the New Testament. Some of the teachings and writings are revealed in the New Testament and also together with prophesies like the birth of Jesus and referred to as ‘the messiah’ in the Old Testament as noted by (Sprinkle, 2006). We can deduce the teachings from it. The New Testament contain prophecies about the last days on earth. It includes the signs and the how to know it has reached the end. Knowing them will help believers in their preparation.

From the above deductions and explanations, it’s not correct to just dismiss the bible as old and irrelevant in the present day. The archaic phrasing as said in the writings can be used for critical thinking rather than just as a base to dump it as a whole (Jones, 1982). In conclusion, it is not true to say that The Bible can’t be relevant to today’s problems as it was written many centuries ago and is filled with archaic phrasing.


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Sprinkle, J. (2006). Biblical law and its relevance: A Christian understanding and ethical application for today of the Mosaic regulations. Lanham, Md.: University Press of America.

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