PHL 458 Wealth and its Worthiness for Pursuance

Wealth and its Worthiness for Pursuance





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Wealth and its Worthiness for Pursuance

Great wealth has different views according to whoever defines it. It isn’t anything bad because everyone tries their best to achieve it; at least according to the statement. It is true that many people always have a dream of being successful and having a lot of money. Many people do different things just to get it. For this case when they have acquired the wealth, they became famous. Being a worthy goal depends on whoever looks at that. Many people do different thing based on what they know and believe in. Depending on how you view it, you will have different perspectives. If only becoming wealthy and successful was your goal and you achieved it, then it is worth it for you. Other people will judge basing on several other factors and situations.

Many people spend most of their time trying to acquire wealth and losing the sole reason of being alive as asserted by (Scott, 2006). They have turned to being slaves of their dreams not realizing their destiny. The illusion that being wealthy translates to happiness has made people fight for it no matter what. Some people have focused a lot on it and acquired it the right way while others have even killed to be rich and famous. Such people failed to know that others also deserve their part of being alive and rich in this word. On the other hand, some people have played their part without straining, struggling and ended up being rich and famous. Great wealth being a worthy course is not always the case. I believe anyone can live a happy and a full filling one without being rich and famous. If anyone genuinely works for their own wealth and fulfills them while pleasing to their livelihood, then it is worthy for them. It is not always the case for each and every person.

From the above analysis, having a great wealth is not always difficult for everyone. Some wealthy people have acquired it by doing what they know and understand without facing difficulty and also some haven’t been successful when they have done everything they could. Being rich and famous is not always a worthy goal and always depends on the circumstances that took you to that position thus determining the worthiness of your goal.


Scott, S. (2006). The richest man who ever lived: King Solomon’s secrets to success, wealth, and happiness. New York: Currency/Doubleday.

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