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Critical Thinking





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Critical Thinking

Critical thinking at as per my understanding from the beginning of the course, is the ability to look at things from various points of view and perspectives. This can be noted by (Horvath, 2011). This involves the judgment of various ways and means that various things appear in their real and present word in that they have different perspectives and points of view. Critical thinking not only involves one particular point of view or only one defined. It involves choosing a liberal point of view. A view that can be altered if some other most preferable view is ascertained to be better or solves the situation at hand. There are several critical things that I learnt about critical thinking. There are several issues that I learnt in this critical thinking class. Three of them are as follows; critical thinking is the foundation of liberal democratic society. For this case, critical thinking promotes various opinions based on objective thinking. This promotes a democratic society and more so a liberal one. Critical thinking also promotes creativity. To this far, looking for alternative methods of solving various problems and ways of getting out of situations has promoted creativity. I have also learnt that critical thinking is crucial for self-reflection. When you critically think about an issue, you realize how you have been doing some things thinking they were right or the only way you could do it when in fact there are better ways of doing them (Young, 1980).

From the start of the course, I have learnt a lot. My critical thinking skill shave improved significantly. I have managed to grow and be able to judge things differently than before. Earlier on, I was only limited to one way of doing things and thought they were the only ways. Now I know that there are other ways of going about things. Conventional means were the ways I knew, now I know that there are in fact a couple of better ways that can end up saving my time a great deal asserted by (Young, 1980).. To this far without doubt my critical thinking skills have improved a great deal.

I will definitely want to be a master thinker one day in the near future. This class has natured me in the right path towards achieving it in future. I now know and understand whatever is needed for me now and in the near future. To cultivate my critical thinking skills, I will need to follow the path set clear by those that have managed to achieve it as advised by (Horvath, 2011). I will also have to continue doing what I do till I achieve my ultimate goal sooner. In conclusion, this class has taught me a lot when it comes to critical thinking. Things are never as they were before. I now have the ability to look at things from different points of view.


Horvath, C. (2011). Critical thinking. Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science.

Young, R. (1980). Fostering critical thinking. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

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