Revolution is a term used to show an advocate for change in a given society, community or even a government to be precise. Revolution is one of the many contentious politics in various societies. In most countries, call for revolution is most common and especially for a change in the ruling government or party. Two years ago, I received a case of call for revolution by a certain group of revolutionist who were demanding for change in the government. As a chief executive police officer, I had to handle the issue with a lot of competence, loyalty, knowledge and wisdom because the case involves the ruling government and the society whom I must ensure that their rights are observed. It is therefore my duty to ensure that the crime is controlled and also the individual rights are maintained.

The first decision to make would to carry out an investigation on the group of the revolutionist. This will be to identify the individuals involved in this group that is their background information. Then find out why they are advocating for a change then justify if the reason given is worth it or not. For example, if the revolutionist are advocating for change in the leaders due to increment of taxes, this is a genuine reason but as an officer, I have to look on the other side why the government has done so. Mostly, the rise in taxes is due to the projects that the government would want to accomplish which are usually for the benefit of the society.

In this case, I will have to give a clear explanation to the revolutionist why the taxes have risen, make them understand why there is a rise in the taxes in a peaceful manner without having any fight between the police and the revolutionist. That is calm down the revolutionist without having to start a war between them and the police. This can be done by calling for a meeting with the revolutionist and have the revolutionist educated on the issues of taxes and what the taxes are used by the government in the development of the country and for the benefit of the people in the society. Lastly, talk to the government officials on behalf of the revolutionist to have the taxes at least reduced even if not to the usual level so that the decision made is not only favor one party.


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