The strategic plan at bling shop

The strategic plan at bling shop




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Bling shop strategic plan

There are technology recovery plans at bling shops whereby disaster recovery plans are designed for every department in the organization. To the side of people involved in the organization, there is much training of the staffs whereby there must be a backup person within the organization. There is security of all the documents and available information and there are alternatives for other working sites. Technology is highly used in the organization for data security and location of facilities for manufacturing and transportation services. Technology is also used in storage of information for the organization whereby there is a system which is secured as a backup for other machines (Formica & Kothari, 2008)

  • Bling shop has a vision of being the best shop in the market offering girls and kids wear.
  • Bling shop is committed to be the best shop serving its customers with quality services and taking the responsibility of proving full support of the girls and kids.
  • The shop has a funding resource from kid’s assistive technology which helps bling shop meet their demands at the market (Latham, 2009).
  • There is caring responsibility at bling shop whereby every employee is committed at making the clients happy from their services.
  • Respect, integrity and other values are exercised at bling shop
  • There are also underlying service assumptions in which the shop works tirelessly to solve any problem that may arise from their customers (Formica & Kothari, 2008)
  • Customers are important people at bling shop in that their needs must be met first in order for the business to succeed.
  • Bling shop has strength of proving quality services and to ensuring that the client’s demands are met fully.
  • Much innovation is done where a challenge may incur.
  • Bling shop is out to maximize any opportunity that comes its way in satisfying client’s needs (Latham, 2009).
  • Bling shop is focused to follow its strategic direction to achieve the organizational goal.
  • Bling shop has a goal and objective to become the best in the market by utilizing the available resources in a shorter period of time.

The critical system at bling shop includes payable accounts, the building security and also the manufacturing process. Threats to these critical systems may include lack of manufacturing systems, failure or delayed payments and destruction of the security systems which may lead to theft. Replacement of the accounts may take place immediately as the threats have occurred because the organization has secured people. In case of manufacturing systems, there is recovery on the fixation of the primary systems and close all the opportunities leading to breakdown of the system. There is also a replacement unit in the side of security at bling shop whereby the suppliers must be contacted immediately to access the cause of insecurity.

In conclusion, bling shop continuity plan is very important as it provides direction in response of the planning strategy. It shows how the organization will run and the expected returns in the time allocated. There is more training of both the staffs and other new members to keep the organizations business active (Blaszczynski, Ladouceur & Shaffer, 2004)


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