RSCH 8250 Preparing for the Literature Leview

Preparing for the Literature Leview




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Preparing for the Literature Review

A literature review is an analysis, evaluation and summary of what has written on a given topic (Galvan & Jose, 2005). Traditionally literature reviews have focused on what has been written and reviewed by notable scholar and academic researchers and that may remain to be the case in the foreseeable future but with the advent of the internet the knowledge base has greatly broadened to include other actors besides the university-based academicians. The internet has made it possible to disseminate research other than relying academic publications and presses.

In my paper I plan to use the ecological perspective and that is because it helps a researcher to prioritize the most important issues that need to be addressed and at the same time it enables a researcher to determine areas that require a lot of emphasis. Some of the articles that have used the same theoretical framework include Dimitriadis (2015). The study used the ecological perspective because there are many factors that are involved in the spread of TB such as ethnicity, economic factors among others.

The article looks at the influence of immigration variable on the incidence and prevalence of TB in South Carolina between the years 2006-2012. The study also explores the influence of residential tenure and ethnic variations of urban immigrants on the prevalence of tuberculosis across South Carolina. The findings shows that there was increased cases of TB reported due to migration of people from countries that have a high prevalence rate of TB. The article is important is important to my own study because it indicates that there is a relationship between the independent variable, migration and the dependent variable which is prevalence of TB.

Myers et al., (2006) is another peer reviewed article that uses the ecological framework. The study looked at a number of ecological variables such as racial/ethnicity, poverty, education, crowding and immigration level and their effects on the pediatric tuberculosis in the state of California. According to the study the level of pediatric TB infection were higher in lower income and immigrant communities but there is no relationship whatsoever between the variables; overcrowding and employment and TB. The study found that TB is largely a disease of the poor and it mainly affects the immigrant population.

My study will be a quantitative and that will make use of descriptive data analysis. One of the articles that has a similar approach is the one done is one done by Nishikiori &Morishita (2013) in which they state that Cambodia has strengthened the testing, surveillance and monitoring of TB. The study also indicates that the basic organization where surveillance begins at the district level. Here someone can be tested and data captured in the system that can be useful in the designing of intervention programs.

The article also show the through descriptive analysis of data that there is a big decrease in smear positive cases thanks to the surveillance mechanisms and early treatment that have been put in place. This study help me in writing my own paper to suggest some possible solutions that can help authorities in Monrovia to know that it is possible to reduce TB prevalence

Kuehne et al., (2015) is another quantitative article that uses descriptive analysis of data. The study looks at how migration plays a key role in the spread of infectious diseases such as TB. The study indicates how migration background information is collected and then used to design and implement public health measures. This study shows that there is need to collect information about migrants and this enables a comparison between disease and pathogens. Some particular groups fo migrants are known to be susceptible to some diseases such as TB and this can be spread into the rest of the population without proper surveillance measures.


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