Self concept and Perception Essay


CM206: Interpersonal Communication


Self-Concept and Perception Essay

Self-concept is defined as ideas that a person has, thoughts and believes about themselves and the feedback and reactions of others people. Thoughts and ideas a person has about oneself, are influences that are brought about by interactions a person has with people life such as the family members and friends. Self-concept begins when a person is fairly young.

Self- concepts role in ethical communication, with the comparing of self to one’s peers and surrounding will determine how interaction goes. A person’s values, what beliefs, and overall attitude that one has all are valuable keys of interpersonal communication. Example a teen with low self-esteem and poor Self Concept, sees themselves as under achievers. So in an environment of peers, say in classroom setting ask to read aloud. One may express lack of Confidence, may feel unworthiness which in turn will have a negative outcome amongst classmates and teacher.

self-concept of self has always been majority of the time positive. Raised in a two family household with my younger sister. My father made sure our self-esteem was not tainted, make sure we knew our self-worth and value of self. Which in return gave myself the cofiedeince to communicate with others. I have no problem talking to peers of mine and even people I don’t know. My home has always been the go to home even too this day. Family and friends enjoy coming around.

My teachers, family and friends have responded to my behavior in a positive manner. I have been told that I am good to communicate with and very attentive and approachable. And with that my family and I believe, that I’ll succeed in my future endeavors. I have no issues with being educated and corrected so that I properly make decisions. One’s criticism has never bothered me. Encouragement starts with self.

Past experience and family influence Self-concept. With that I know I influence the concept of my surrounding friends and family in a positive or negative manner. I want to make my family and friends to have a positive self-concept. By giving positive feedback and telling them positive things about themselves, giving complimented. Negative influence maybe me harboring over flaws that they already know and are working on.

difference between self-concept and perception are self- concept are beliefs or ideas about oneself and the attitudes, personal experiences, and beliefs that determines how one interpret a certain event are perception. Are upbringing and past experiences determining how we view the world. Perception aids in how we make the things we view make sense in order to communicate

A good friend of mine raised in an Islamic household has decided to convert to Jehovah witness because of the beliefs herself and fiancée have. With her parents being against her change in beliefs, I believe she should have the option to practice whatever religion she chooses without being stressed. In my opinion she’s being Manipulated by both sides, her fiancée raised a witness, the man of the relationship though he is to lead. I was around for their conversation and she wasn’t very excited. But by the time she spoke with her parents about the convert she was excited. As for her parents their manipulation come into play with them stating they will no longer help her with minor expenses. Or taking back her car not because she is engaged, but because she has at the point undermined her Father and is being led by another man. Which I thought was supposed to happen once a young woman is to be married. In our conversation I was very standoffish. Expressing my concern of her not standing up for self to either party. I know I called her a follower and weak. Which had a negative effect on our next conversation. Though I didn’t want to hurt or embarrass her it was said and I didn’t know how to feel afterwards.

Improving perception by avoiding assumption that we mentally know a person. One should not assume because the wrong perception will be created. Not reading beyond the statements given and also thinking we know how one is feeling.

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