Sick policy and Daily Health Check Procedure

Sick policy and Daily Health Check Procedure

In each and every institution there are policies and guidelines that guide all the people involved in early child development. Policies are there to be followed and procedures are there to be adhered to when implementing them or when something goes wrong (Oates, 2014). For a case where a parent insists that their children should be in school, the correct procedure should be followed so that if in case of a communicable disease, it will be handled. For this case where a parent decides to bring her child who is sick, they should be informed that their child needs to undergo medical check up to ensure that the child cannot transfer the disease to other children. They should also be fit to be in a position that they can learn in school. If the parent hasn’t done and proved this, the school or institution should take responsibility of taking the child to a healthcare center where the child’s condition can be ascertained. Other policies could include all children coming to school with school uniform and fighting policy. For a procedure where a teacher has forgotten to check for chicken pox and has spread, where the teacher repeatedly does this, necessary action should be taken on the teacher and the children affected. Transferring the teacher to another department that might not involve children is the best option. A health practitioner will treat the children in school and immunize other children who have not been affected. Other procedure could include punishment for children who come to school late and taking care of children with bad eating habits. These problems could be addressed by putting together all teachers and to try and address the problem at hand(chapter 3 ). Not all the teacher might implement this or might not have the will to implement it since it doesn’t include their departments.


Chapter 3

Oates, R. (2014). The student-practitioner in early childhood studies: an essential guide to working with children. London: Routledge.

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