Social Movement

Social Movement



Social movement is an example of contentious politics which may result from incitement by the opposition in a given country or society. Social movements include demonstration, marches, or sustained campaigned. Demonstration tend to be different from the other two because it is violent and not organized unlike the other two. Demonstration are common in organization where employees may demand for their rights and institutions where students demand for their rights. These demonstration mostly start where some members of the organizations or institutions incite the other members to demand from their rights.

There was a case reported to me on demonstration by the doctors in a certain hospital due to remuneration. The doctors held the demonstration to demand for an increment in their salaries which is a form of job dissatisfaction. The doctors were not satisfied and contented with their salaries and therefore took the action of demonstration so that the government could act with immediate effect. The demonstration put the town in tension and unsettled and therefore as a police officer I had to intervene.

The first step was to stop the demonstration immediately and then calm down the doctors involved in the demonstration. This should be done in a peaceful manner without harming the individuals involved in the demonstration. The second decision to make would be to call the doctors and talk to them on the effects of demonstration which are very critical since a demonstration can lead to many people being hurt, many businesses being to a halt and other negative effects of a strike. The third step to make would be to suggest possible ways of addressing their issues to the government. For example, suggest to the doctors to appoint a group of at least five doctors who will book an appointment with the government officials and present the doctors’ complains to the government officials. This way as an executive chief officer, I would have prevented demonstration crime and at the same time maintained the rights of the people in the society.


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