Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Beyond making a profit, what responsibilities do businesses have toward society in general?

Be a good citizen by contributing resources to the community.

Be ethical by doing what is right just and fair and without causing harm.

Obey the law by following rules and regulations.

How would you justify Starbucks decision to not save money in the case of the polystyrene cups?ย 

The company discovered that coffee was less expensive when it’s with the consumer; so the company chose to crowd its outlets near consumers who can easily walk in the outlet and get star bucks whenever they wanted.

In your opinion, what percentage of an organization’s efforts (time, money, manpower, etc.) should be used toward developing socially responsible policies and practices? Explain.

Organizations should spend at least 40% of their effort on developing socially responsible policies and practices. This is because corporate social responsible is about people and without people, there can be no organization; for this reason, an organization will thus identify social activities that consumers, investors, customers, employees an general public values and then integrate the activities into its profit maximization.

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