Telenursing and Telemedicine Telenursing and Telemedicine

Telenursing and Telemedicine

The answers to the above question are as explained and discussed in details below:-


What are some of the ways that you can encourage both patients and provider engagement to ensure the pilot program success?

Telenursing refers to the use of information technology and telecommunications to provide nursing and medical services to patients. This technology is mostly used when there is a large physical distance between the patients and the nurses or between the nurses themselves.

The following points describe some of the advantages of telenursing that I would clearly explain to both the patients and the providers to ensure that the telenursing program succeeds:-

Telenursing and Telemedicine ensure that nurses can communicate to their patients faster- With the advent of modern communication means and equipment such as e-mails, computers, video conferencing and other digital equipment, nurses are able to communicate and keep in touch with their patients faster than ever before. This helps the nurses to monitor the well being of their patients within a very short period of time.

Telenursing and Telemedicine reduce the distances patients cover to hospitals- This means that the technology can be used for patients who are located in remote places far from the healthcare service providers. The nurses are able to monitor the blood pressure, blood sugar, pulse and other important parameters of their patients from the comfort of their homes.

Telenursing and Telemedicine reduce congestions in hospitals and healthcare facilities- Due to the fact that many patients will not be having a one-on-one interaction with the nurses, many patients will opt to get medical advice from their computers and other digital electronic devices. This is because these devices will be communicating directly with the nurses and doctors.

Telenursing and Telemedicine make referral services easier and faster- After a patient has been diagnosed, the nurses or doctors can refer the patient(s) to a good pharmacy of their choice and this will consequently reduce the hustle patients undergo to get the correct pharmacy that is selling the prescribed drugs for medical purposes.

Telenursing and Telemedicine ensure that the patients have a personalized individual attention from the nurse(s)- Owing to the fact that nurses and doctors will be communicating with the patients one by one, patients’ satisfaction will be enhanced and chances of rehospitalization will be minimized significantly.

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