Start-Up of Blissful Gardens

Week 9 Discussion

Review the Case Study: Start-Up of Blissful Gardens, located on page 510 of your text. Next, suggest two (2) marketing goals for the facility that Ms. Remedios could implement.

When I reviewed the case study startup of blissful gardens, I found some goals for the facility that can be implemented by Ms. Remedios. Ms Remedios should find new ways to develop different ways to brand the new facility in the area. Branding helps identifies strong and weak parts of the brands and how it impacts the organization. Branding can also show patient compassion. Patients need compassion with patient satisfaction to continue their services at the facility, and quality of care will add value to the facility.

Next Ms. Remedios can focus on ways to bring in money to the facility. This can be investing n some way in driving quality improvements. An example can be focusing on care standardization and providing value for patients can help drive down costs. Every healthcare organization needs cost to quality that no one can afford not to have it.

Take a position on which of the three (3) types of market targeting strategies (single-offer, mass-market coverage, single-segment concentration, or selective specialization) would work best for this start-up. Provide a rationale for your position.

There are many marketing strategies that can be used to fill the occupancy of Blissful Gardens. Since Blissful Gardens is very diverse I would recommend the selective specialization strategy because they are trying to fill spaces for the private pay community that will be an alternative to staying at home with nursing home health. Because Blissful Gardens has many buildings that can also provide them with an advantage as it provides care for several different groups and people. By different people I am referring to individuals of different genders, races, and sickness and diseases. The selective specialization will also help the facility because it gives them a wide range of residents to focus on for this one facility market segment.

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