Statistical Engineering Frameworks

Compare and contrast the fundamental differences between process improvement framework and problem solving framework. Provide one (1) example of business management applying each framework to support your response.

Process improvement framework is the framework that will help minimize problem errors, provided that a problem-solving framework has already been defined that will address complicated issues by identifying, measuring, analyzing and improving already existing structure over a given time until adequate results are achieved. Problem solving framework Is the process of analyzing the situation and developing a solution bridge to the gap in the issue. The major difference between problem solving framework and process improvement framework is problem solving looks for the problems prior to the implantation of the task and process improvement frameworks looks for ways to improve the task if the results achieved by the process does as not yield the wanted results.

After reading chapter 4, I realized that statistical engineering framework is very similar to the theories in project management. Statistical engineering framework directly correlates to the the same process theories of project management when laying out a framework for improving or implanting new processes into place with any given plan process. Project management seems to mostly on the process improvement framework more than the problem solving framework after the problem solving framework is implemented. Like for instance if a company was looking for ways to improve how consumers could benefit from a application that could increase self-service options for a customer. The first problems that would need to be addressed would what self-service options would be best for the consumer, how useful would this be to the consumer and how could the consumer benefit from the services. These would be all examples of problem solving framework. Once the app is developed, any sort of negative impact to the types of options available, consumers not using the application and the ease of the application would be part of the process improvement framework to try to make the application easier for the consumer. a

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