Strategic Competitiveness

“Strategic Competitiveness” Please respond to the following:

From the first e-Activity, determine which of the two primary drivers of the competitive landscape is more influential. Explain your rationale.

Explain which model (I / O model or resource-based model) you believe will best help a firm in the industry

Information Technology has had an impact on the local economy in Richmond, VA. The emergence of a global economy and technology has been very influential in the driver. With Richmond being in central Virginia it has been very conducive to driving the competitive landscape. The climate of Richmond along with the location of Richmond makes it a very competitive market. With Richmond being a warmer climate this helps to attract workers from a wider range of geographic area to recruit. The location of Richmond being close to Washington D.C., the mountains in Western Virginia and to the Virginia Beach area make it very attractive to companies looking to compete on a global scale.

The I/O model would be ideal for a company in the Information Technology field because the I/O model is about adjusting to the flow and characteristics of the Information Technology industry. The technology field is constantly changing to the needs of the different customers. With the I/O model this would help the particular technology company to keep up with the different needs of the company.

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