Strategic Partnership between Human Resources (HR) and the Organization

Has Technology Brought Strategic Partnership between Human Resources (HR) and the Organization?” Please respond to the following:

Examine the influence that technology has had in creating a strategic partnership between HR and the organization. Share one (1) example to support your answer. Next, determine the values this strategic partnership has generated for both HR and the organization as a whole. Last, suggest two (2) ways technology enables HR and the organization to accomplish their goals.

Technology definitely plays a strategic partnership between both Human Resource and Organisation. For example, Staffing by HR is mainly done through different agents and even some times for cost effective purposes the staffing process can be done through several technological ways; one of them is through website by Job hiring options. This helps the HR to get wide array of job seekers and from there on they can test each personnel by taking surveys and exams also by using technology like using SPSS methods.

Technology is a perfect process for an organisation to accomplish their goals it helps is several ways for both the HR and the organisation. One of the most vital ways in which it helps is staffing. In this case the HR can get better employees for the organisation by providing job hiring option on an agent’s website or company website or even on third party website. The other most effective way in which it helps an organisation and also HR is by helping the organisation to supervise the employees remotely via surveillance system, ERP system is one of the latest technology it helps keeping track of the employees and their other aspects of work as well.


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