STROKE: A stroke occurs if there is any blockage of blood flow to the brain and can leads to death of brain cells or internal bleeding in the brain can also happen.

REGISTERED NURSE (RN) ROLE IN EMERGENCY ROOM: As soon as any patient admitted in hospital with symptoms like.. Extreme weakness, one or both the sides of the body are numb, severe headache, difficulty in vision or blurry vision are to be considered as WARNING SIGNS for stroke and emergency first aid process must be started. Not all the cases with the mentioned symptoms can be considered to be stroke.

DURING THE FIRST 60 MINUTES of identifying the stroke: The patient should get a PHYSICAL TEST done and followed by diagnostic tests and the important CT scan must be done for the doctor to know which type of stroke the patient had. Some BLOOD TESTS are also needed as per the instructions of the doctor and OXYGEN may also be given.

RECOVERY: After seeing all the performed tests results, the doctor can know the type of stroke patient had and give the treatment. Later physician will PRESCRIBE MEDICATIONS so that recover from stroke.

DIFFERENT CULTURES AND GENDERS: And some of the risks and symptoms are identified considering different cultures and genders. Comparatively the WOMEN are at higher risk as compared to men to stroke due to the HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE during PREGNANCY. And also other important risk factor is usage of BIRTH CONTROL PILLS. All these factors significantly influence women likely at higher risk for stroke.

And well recent studies mentioned that risk factor for stroke very high in African-Americans because of OBESITY and OVERWEIGHT. So that the African-Americans are more prone and nearly likely duoble to have a stroke compared to others..

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