Sustainability Execution and Leadership

Sustainability, Execution, and Leadership

Tesla motors are better at integrating ethics, environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility into their strategy compared to Tata motors. Tesla motors are manufacturing cars which are powered by electricity. This is in an effort to reduce the use of gasoline to power vehicles. Gasoline use leads to emission of a lot of carbon to the environment which in turn leads to pollution. Electric vehicles are environmental friendly since they do not emit any pollutants. Tesla motors were also in agreement with another company to partner in the production of battery packs using solar powered generating facilities. Wind would also be used to power this project. In doing this, there will be using renewable sources of energy and thus will reduce the use of other fuels which pollute the environment. This way, they are working towards the achievement of a sustainable environment. When it comes to being responsible for the well-being of their customers, they have amended their insurance policy to cover for any damage in case of a fire. They also redesigned the model s vehicle by adding titanium shielding, a deflection bar made of aluminum and a plate to the vehicle’s underbody. This would help reduce the risk of possible battery fires. The company also invested also invested heavily in building electrical chargers. By doing this, they built a positive identity to the public and also to the motor production industry. As a result of this ethical behavior, the company will be well known and thus will increase the number of potential customers.

The company has used certain process management tools to help in the realization of their strategies. Flow is used to plan and execute projects with teammates. The planning and implementation of projects in the various departments is well coordinated. Various departments are thus able to know when and how to achieve a certain task. As a result, the anticipated manufacture, release and sale of the vehicles is more effective. This in turn leads to profits and also customers are more satisfied.

The leadership and corporate cultures in Tesla and Tata motors is quite cohesive. The company embraces a consumer first culture. The leadership took great insight when claims of their vehicles being prone to fires were raised and dealt with the problems accordingly. The company has a culture of driving innovation and the leadership facilitates that by funding research. In addition the company has a great leader who has achieved much.

Smoking in public facilities and restaurants is prohibited for a number of reasons. There is need to reduce the risk of passive smoking. Passive smoking leads to respiratory problems and restriction of smoking helps prevent this. Smoking also leads to air pollution and the ban seeks to reduce this. The restriction was also meant to help curb the risks of fires which are as a result of lit cigarettes. Smoking in restaurants also compromised the cleanliness of the food. The restriction helps to ensure that such places are clean and food is not contaminated. The workplace will thus be clean.

There are several examples of restrictions made due to environmental concerns. The sale of ivory has been banned due to the adverse effects that it poses on the existence of elephants. Fishing of finger lets is also not allowed since it may lead to extinction or development of fish species.

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