System Development Procedure

Inisope being one of the best marketable company should be in a position to consider choosing to expand its business basing on the technological trends for it to grow and be in a position to handle its client and as well as the number of workers that are in the same company. Maintaining the number of customers and workers in the system requires investing on developing a current and a system that will be in a position to meet the requirement of the user and the customer and being also cost effective, reliable, easy to use and more so environmental friendly.

To come up with a system that bring the employees directory to production, adding features such as searching on multiple fields and administrative page for updating records and exporting the results to different format, selling their products and physical expansion requires a total procedures which undergo system design life cycle which a standard procedures that is used to develop a system from its scratch to its working states.

System design life cycle which is the which the process of the (US, House of Representatives) consist of several tailored phases that are used to manage a wide range of the activity to conduct project that happens within any operating system and every other company applying the use of any management information system as a tool to operates its daily activities within the company. For Inisope to grow and maintain its client and the number of workers in the company then this are the procedures to follow to develop a compatible and error free application the will meet its requirements without any fault while operating.

The company should first state, purpose, background and the basic of the system. By doing so, there will be a clear picture of what is required of the system. In addition to stating all this Inisope should be in a position also to state the workability of the current system before embarking or taking a step on developing the new system. This will give a clear and precise picture on how the new system will be expected of in terms of solving the problems that the current system might have failed to meet.

System development or rather design life cycle has seven phases that are required to be followed in a step by step manner to accomplish the whole process of coming up the required system. This are;

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