Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Recall what you learned this week about the five stages of group development and team performance. With that in mind, respond to the following:


Describe one workplace scenario in which understanding of these five stages could have helped you work more effectively with a team. Provide a rationale for your response.

A team was put together to work on an upcoming company project.At first it was not clear as to whether it was only the team that was involved in carrying out the whole project or whether the group was only supposed to lay down the plan for the project.The team also needed a hierachy of leadership while woring on the project.soon the group was operational and the work began.As soon as the project was complete having achieved all the set objectives the was disbanded.

1.Forming-Understanding the forming stage could have helped make the purpose of team clear.

2.Storming-Understanding this stage could have leader to faster acceptance of the group and its leaders to the members

3.Norming-Understanding this stage would have helped quicker solidification of the groups structure.

4..performance-Understanding this stage would have helped the group move more swiftly from getting to know each other to working on the given task.

5.Adjourning-Understanding this stage of group development would have helped appreciate the efforts of every team member .

Reflect on your teamwork experience and share the good, bad, and tolerable characteristics of being a team member.

The good

Teams are effective when it comes to goals achievement.The burden of achieving a certain goal is shouldered on all team members and they all put in the work to achieve it.

In decision making a team is very effective since it offers a variety of alternatives to a given problem and then all the members are involved in choosing the best solution.

It is easy to stay motivated as a team as compared to individuals this is because a team member has to keep in mind that all other members are doing their part therefore he/she has to also do their part.

Tasks handled by teams are easier to accomplish since every team member has a specific role to play and therefore it is clear who is doing what.

The bad.

Making decisions as a team often takes a lot of time since everyones opinion has to be heard before coming to a conclusion.

There can be terrible conflicts among team members making it difficult to carry out tasks.

The tolerable

As a team member you have to accept your fellow team members keeping your differences aside if the task at hand is to be achieved.

When the team has a lead, as a member it is important that you listen to the leader to save time and avoid conflicts.

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