The purpose of Religion

The purpose of Religion

Christianity has a set of beliefs that helps those who practice it in America understand the world. Christians believe that God created the universe and they were created in God’s image and all mankind should be respected. They therefore live life that can please God which then dictates what is right or wrong according to the Christian beliefs. It contains principles that helps the Christians judge between what is wrong and what is right and guides them in their everyday living. It shapes the moral opinions in terms of the believe in God, view about marriage, politics, environmental concerns, political structures, economics and how to raise their children.

Most adults make their decisions based on the standards set by Christian principles.  They make choices depending on what they feel is write in accordance to their Christian beliefs. For instance, the Christians principles will help one to make a decision regarding homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle, whether abortion is right or wrong, whether capital punishment should be abolished or allowed and many other pressing issues. they also learn to relate with all human beings as they know they are all equal before

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