The samples in Chapter 42 can help you with the rebuttal

1. The samples in Chapter 42 can help you with the rebuttal. Review the sample research paper, “The Public Overwhelmingly Wants It: Why Is Taxing the Rich so Hard?” paragraph 10 for a sample rebuttal. What do you notice about how the author acknowledges the opposing viewpoint? By using statistics, what kind of argumentative strategy is she applying? Is it effective?

The rich are people whose wealth possession are estimated to be relatively higher compared to the rest of the citizens policies are increasingly aligned with their interest ,this increases the cap between them and the rest of the citizens.

The rich also earns some fraction of the nation’s produce, the rest is distributed to the other citizens.

The author acknowledges the efforts of the average citizen as futile as they try to overcome the status quo that has greatly paralyzed equity in the development sector .The average citizen is seen to struggle so as to meet their daily requirements that is contributed by the biased taxation.

The author presents and argument that the rich should be taxed heavily so as to minimize the great margin between them and the rest of the citizens. From this case, it is effective.


Slemrod, J. (2000). Does Atlas shrug?: The economic consequences of taxing the rich. New York: Russell Sage Foundation ;.

2, when forming a company, the options are sole proprietor, partnership, and corporation. Most choose corporation. Why is the corporate form seen to be best? What rights do the stockholders have?

Company formation is an activity that has proved to be effective in the past number of years. Most people prefer corporations to others like partnership and sole proprietorship

In a public corporation the workload is minimized since all the duties and activities of the day are divided to the stakeholders, this reduces labor and eases the flow of activities.

In a public corporation there is an incentive to raise capital since the shares are sold to the general public and through the stock exchange hence capital generation. The stakeholders have a room to participate in the stock exchange market.

The liabilities are also distributed across the shareholders and thus one is not held liable in case of a fall of the corporation. The one to one liability gives the stakeholders the confidence to venture in business freely.

The numerous ideas in a corporation is a factor that can bring improvements in a company since it is believed that two heads are better than one.

A public corporation improves ones area of specialization and boosts the general growth of the company, this is brought about by the various units of specialization in the company.


Abrahams, J. (1999). The mission statement book: 301 corporate mission statements from America’s top companies (Rev. ed.). Berkeley, Calif.: Ten Speed Press.

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