The Significance of Context

The Significance of Context

In my line of work, I deal with different things on a daily basis and I also deal with different races, genders, and social identities. There are times when customers will come in and be irate because we cannot help them with their situation and then they start to feel that we are just being mean. We also have different social identities that come in and feel that we cannot help them due to their social identity. What these people do not understand is, it is not use that is not allowing for the help nor is it our company that is not allowing for the help. They just automatically assume it is us.

We provide loans to people and they have to use their vehicle as collateral. A lot of times they assume their vehicle is worth more money that it really is. We try to explain to them that there are reasons for this however, they just get mad and start saying things that they really do not mean. I have to tell my employees that they should not read into the situation and just allow the customer to say their peace and leave. This happens quite a few times in a lot of businesses.

I enlighten my employees with different ways of dealing with certain situations. I give them examples of how to treat and deal with an unhappy customer. 9 times out of 10 a customer is irritated before they come into the office. It could be something that sparked them whether it be from work or from home. I tell them to be nice to the customer, smile, and always thank them for coming by. I tell them to try and make the customer feel welcome when they are in our office. I tell them that they never know that a smile could change the day of a customer.


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