Theories of Development


Briefly describe the concept and general requirements of theory.

According to the text, theory is a logical system of concepts that helps explain observations and contributes to the development of a body of knowledge. A requirement of theory is making sure it should be logical and internally consistent (Newman, 2015). There are three questions that a theory should be held accountable for answering: “1. Which phenomena is the theory trying to explain? 2. What assumptions does the theory make? 3. What does the theory predict?” (Newman, 2015). These questions are essential for validation.

Briefly explain how the requirements for developmental theory differ from general theory.

Developmental theory requires specifics for validation. Developmental theory focuses on growth and human changes over time. General theory focuses on the basics of experimentation.

Your own theory of choice will likely change often, as you continue to grow as a professional counselor. At this point, based on your readings for this unit, choose one theory you are leaning toward. Describe why this theory resonates with you.

The theory that stands out to me is Cognitive Development Theory. I want to be able to understand a child’s thought process and how they view the world.

Newman, B. M. (2015). Development Through Life: A Psychosocial Approach, 12th Edition. [VitalSource Bookshelf Online]. Retrieved from

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