Timeline of Events which Influenced and Changed the Health Care Delivery Systems

Timeline of Events which Influenced and Changed the Health Care Delivery Systems.


  1. 1988: The increase in Healthcare system GDP went from 5 to 14%, prompting to advancement in the healthcare system (Economist.com. 2006).
  2. 1990: The advancement in managed care proceeded rapidly. 38% of the health benefit programs were associated with managed care (Institute for the Future, 2000).
  3. 1997: The ratio of managed care programs increased shifting to 82% and only 18% remaining to that of conventional care programs.
  4. 1999: The percentage of individuals not holding a health insurance declined from 10.1 to 9% prompting to increase in healthcare standards (Moran, 2005).
  5. 2000: In response to the Balanced Budget Act cuts of 1997, an outpatient Medicare reimbursement system was authorized by the federal government.
  6. 2002: The Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002 were passed to protect patients from any future terror attack like one occurred in 2001.
  7. 2003: Prescription plans for the elderly were created under The Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement and Modernization Act (Moran, 2005).
  8. 2004: Sixty percent of the population had health insurance covered under employer (National Coalition on Health Care. 2007).
  9. 2006: All residents were told to have health insurance by 2009 (Fronstin, 2007).
  10. 2010: The increase in Healthcare system GDP went to 15.6% in America, the highest of all times, ensuring excellence in medical and healthcare facilities.

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