Top Management Concerns

“Top Management Concerns”

According to the text, the authors asserted that business productivity and cost reduction were the top concerns by a wide margin among the top five (5) management concerns. Give your opinion on whether or not you agree with this assertion. Justify your response.

I believe business productivity and cost reduction are the main concerns. Companies focus primarily on customer satisfaction.This way the services that are offered are designed to meet the needs of the clients. When productivity increases, the cost to produce output decreases which plays ma significant part in the ability to be competitive. Wider margins mean higher profits for the company, measuring standards allows evaluation of the rates of productivity for employees.

Review Figure 1.6 “Top 5 management concerns and 5 most influential ITs”, located in Chapter 1 of the text. Select one (1) out of the top five (5) management concerns that you believe is the most important. Then, select one (1) out of the five (5) most influential ITs that you believe would support the top management concern that you previously selected. Next, analyze whether or not changing your management concern would impact the IT that you chose. Justify your response.

IT reliability and efficiency refers to the concept that what a company can accomplish or achieve

depends on what its IT’s can do.The lack of a structured approach to validate the underlying IT infrastructure leads to technical glitches and outages, which results in an unfriendly business impact.Cloud computingallows you to set up what is essentially a virtual office to give you the flexibility of connecting to your business anywhere, any time. I do not believe changing my management concern would impact my IT choice because of the major advantages that are related.


  • Reduced IT cost
  • Scalability
  • Business continuity
  • Collaboration efficiency

Businesses of all sizes are shifting to cloud computing environments to take advantage of the benefits.Cloud computing enable businesses to scale compute and storage on an as-needed basis, which can keep costs low.Services are designed to be automated and self-provisioning, giving the end-users the ability to scale their needs up and down without any manual intervention. It also gives the ability to enable employees to gain access to data and applications from anywhere, making them more productive on the go.

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