Topic and reason for choosing it

Topic and reason for choosing it.

My topic is the media is a major contributor of the increasing cases of violence in the society.

The reason I choose this topic is because of my observation of the increase of cases of violence in the society yet the media is not doing enough to help stop the vice. The traditional mainstream media and its mediums such as television is spreading the culture instead of condemning it (Kwong, 2015).

The media stations are struggling to remain neutral so as not to offend any group thanks to the ‘equality’ it emphasizes. The social media on its part glorifies the offenders instead of standing up against what is wrong. This coupled up with government actions against the media has made the mainstream media sort of puppet instead of condemning the vice (Parks, 2017).There are also videogames which are being popularized by the media (Strasburger & Donnerstein, 2014). I want my speech to show people the light so that they can campaign against the vice.

Intended audience for the speech.

My target audience is the students who make a large portion of the social media users as well as any other person who is a user of the media; that is everyone.

Brief discussion of your position and the points you plan to make.

I want to expose the various ways and the reasons why the media contributes to the cases of violence instead of condemning the vice. Some of the reasons I will speak about is about the media seeking to increase its viewers, ensuring that they are perceived as neutral by their viewers and the pressure exerted on the mainstream media by the social media (Pfeffer, et al, 2014). Among the ways the social media is increasing the cases is by popularizing the videos and the users fighting those who try to stand up for what is right.

Potential rebuttals I might encounter.

One is the wave of the social media users who have exhibited that they have the ability to turn what is right to wrong and vice versa. My target audience comprises of the social media users and I therefore don’t know what will be their reaction. I may also find it hard gaining access to some of the materials needed in preparation.


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