Training and Development as an Aspect of Human Resource Development

Training and Development as an Aspect of Human Resource Development

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Training and development as an aspect of human resource development

Training and development of the employees in an organization are one of the pillars of human resource development. Acquisition of new skills, resource distribution and perfection in allocated tasks are attributed to training. Human resource development deals with the development of better skills and knowledge, workplace learning and individual capabilities. Training spearheads the main objective of the human resource development, of making the workers better off than they joined the organization. This is possible because training helps in strengthening the concepts learned to improve skills and the employees’ abilities (Engetou, 2017). Training further, helps in perfection among the employees on the tasks allocated, thereby reducing the cost of production and increase profit levels. Some jobs demand specific skills and perfection, hence for the conformity between the job requirement and the individual skills, training is necessary.

Currently, most organizations devote much of their resources to the training and development of their workers with the aim of improving their working abilities, skills, and knowledge (Engetou, 2017). I do think that training and development are essential to the improvement of occupational performance. In consideration of my future career, I think it would help me develop new skills and establish a connection between the task and earlier learned concepts. It will also be of importance because it will help me improve on the performance and perfection which are associated with positive impacts on the organizational output. Training and development is key to organizational performance and it fits in every organization, be it a service, technological or a manufacturing. Therefore, fostering in training and development would enable me to focus on my career and perfect on it. Just as it aids the goals of human resource development, it will also aid my work ethics and the urge to perform.


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