Trends in Health care Human Resource Management

Trends in Health care Human Resource Management

1.Two effect’s that cultural competencies overall have on health care human resources management have been accessed well and explained below.

Diversity Management

The health care human resource management must be able to recruit, train and engage employees irrespective of age, gender, religion, income and socio economic status. The employee’s of health care sector such as nurses/doctors must be able to treat the patients on equal basis on timely manner irrespective of any kind of discrimination in-terms of race, religion, income and gender. The diversity management competency must have positive effect on health care human resource management process.

Adapting to cultural knowledge

Adapting to cultural knowledge will help in creating positive cultural competency on the health care human resource management process. This process will help human resource management department of health care sector to train their staffs for valuing cross cultural aspects, understanding behaviours and attitudes of people, framing policies and structures which helps in managing cross cultural communication. It helps in meeting desires of diversified groups.

It has been Compare and contrasted problem-based learning and team-based learning education in the table below.

Problem Based learning Team based learning
It is being driven by problems from which the students try to learn themselves It is a concept which has recently gained popularity all across the globe.
It is student centred It is an active learning process
It is a problem solving approach It also provided multiple opportunities to the students who learn in a sequential manner
It is a kind of integrated study It helps the learners to engage in a best manner
Problem based learning approach does not provide more opportunities to the students. Team based learning approach helps the students to become more responsible and develop sense of responsibility.
Problem based learning approach is not structured. Team based learning approach is highly structured

2.The key strategies for utilizing these two learning models for helping to address common health care human resource management issues are explained below.

According to problem based learning technique the students can complete Cardiology in 4 weeks of time frame where as the team based learning model will help in addressing the common health care human management issues in less period of time by flowing synergy in teams.

Recently Team based learning model has been implemented into 60 medical schools for addressing common health care human resource management issues because problem based learning is considered obsolete and of no more use.


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