Union Pacific Corporation

Union Pacific Corporation

Perform an analysis of the social / demographic, technological, economic, environmental / geographic, and political/legal / governmental segments to understand the general environment facing Union Pacific. 

Describe how Union Pacific will be affected by each of these external factors.

Union Pacific is looking to continue to expand. The budget for 2014 has been increased by three hundred million. The plan is to make sure that Union Pacific is able to purchase two-hundred locomotives, which is up by one-hundred from the previous year (2014).


With Union Pacific looking to expand they are going against the trend of the general business environment where businesses are looking to decrease their costs. One of the biggest issues has been the Affordable Health Care Act where employers are required to provide health insurance for their full-time employees. With this added cost businesses are looking to cut costs and Union Pacific has taken the complete opposite and is looking to expand.


The expansion of Union Pacific is going to cause some waves as the different areas of the country are looking attract Union Pacific business. A political issue has been the issue of government attracting the private sector. Many tax-paying citizens will object to the state giving tax breaks and incentives to private industries.


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