Week 7 discussion and Hands on Activity


Is offshore outsourcing the right thing to do?  Why or why not? (Chose ONE AND ONLY ONE position.)

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Offshore outsourcing is a tactic used by businesses that can save massive amounts of resources. The prices and wages the pay to their work forces overseas are significantly less than having their products produced in the US. Some may frown upon this due to its potential impact on stateside employment rates, providing jobs and opportunities to other country nationals instead of our own citizens. I feel that the advantages generated from offshore outsourcing far outweigh the disadvantages. Offshore outsourcing can give a company the ability to have a more effective global impact. Through this tactic international relationships can prosper, leading to strong alliances. Additionally, offshore assets that assist companies are given the opportunity to grow and develop, allowing communities a more stable infrastructure decreasing poverty levels (Smith, 2006). I feel offshore outsourcing in a way is reaching out to those countries in dire need of stability and in turn increasing the quality of life for millions.

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Todd Pluff


Smith, D. (2006, March). Offshoring: Political myths and economic reality. World Economy, 29(3). 249-256. doi: 10.1111/j.1467-9701.2006.00781.x



Visit Fedscope (http://www.fedscope.opm.gov/) and identify and explain at least one interesting trend. This tool is an example of OLAP.

Also, describe how this trend can be used to develop a business strategy.

Attach a screenshot along with your narrative in Word format. Minimum length = 100 words.

INSTRUCTION ON ATTACHING A SCREENSHOT OF EACH TREND. When the trend appears on your screen, press the PrtScrn (Print Screen) key on your keyboard then go into Word and select Edit, Paste. You might want to edit and crop the pasted image using the Picture toolbar (View, Toolbars, Picture). Below the screen shot, describe the trend and relate it to a business strategy. Attach this Word document to your posting.

Instructions for using Fedscope can be found at: http://www.fedscope.opm.gov/fedshelp/index.asp Hint: Use the Chart icon which is the second button on the bottom of the Fedscope screen. Change your dimensions like twisting your Rubik’s cube!

Here is a sample of a completed assignment.

Note: Avoid the use of Chrome for this assignment. This site is best viewed in Internet Explorer 5+, Netscape 7+, Mozilla and/or Firefox but there is no guarantee that the site will be accessible. If you have a technical issue accessing the site, please contact the instructor.

The Weekly Hands-on Activity grading rubric is found in the syllabus.

Hello Class,

Since I am active duty military and looking to separate in a few years, I decided to look at the separations trend under the United States Air Force (USAF). The chart below displays a dramatic drop in separations from 2012 to 2013 with a steady incline until another drop in 2017. Businesses can use this tool towards identifying useful trends that may affect their employment turnover. These quires can allowing small businesses and large government organizations like the USAF to properly plan for annual changeover and mitigate potential shortfalls. Turnover trends can allow the USAF to effectively recruit the appropriate number of personnel into high demand jobs, as well as plan for and allocate the right amount of promotions needed to maintain an optimum work force.

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