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Is this (the opening statement about class) evident in Hammurabi’s Code? What does Hammurabi’s Code tell us about women in ancient Babylon?

 How did the political and social roles of women in Egypt differ from those of other ancient societies?

 To what extent does Lerner’s generalization from above apply for our own day and age?

Hammurabi’s code was all about balance. It was an eye for an eye. However, when came to women it all depended on the man. During ancient Babylon women had ownership rights and could dispose of property in their own name. Egyptian women could work outside of the home and build wealth. Women were legally the equals of men. Women could deal with property on equal terms with men.

Women in ancient Mesopotamian were not as luck. They were expected to be wives, mothers, and housekeeping. Only the royal could attend schools run by priest or scribes. Another example of the cruelty women had to deal with in Mesopotamian is divorce. A man could divorce his wife at any second. However, a woman would have to provide proof of abuse or adultery to divorce her husband. If she provides proof of adultery the husband would be hurt financially. If a woman committed adultery she would be killed. Divorce in Ancient Egypt was much different. Egyptian women were given more freedom. Divorce was the same for both men and women. Adultery was defined in family terms and condemned for both sexes.

Today’s time is much different. In majority of the world women are not expected to bow down to their husbands like they did in ancient Mesopotamian. We can make choices for ourselves. We can also do as we please without worrying about what are husband might do. Unfortunately, we still have cultures that still believe women are less than men.

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