What have been the most important books in your life

What have been the most important books in your life?

Two book series hold a very special spot in my heart, The Percy Jackson series and the Harry Potter series. In second grade, I found myself not being able to sleep ever. My parents tried everything to help me get a nice night’s sleep but nothing worked. Finally, I found the first Harry Potter book in the living room. That night I read about of the book and had the best night’s sleep I have had in years. From there I continued to read the rest of the books in a span of two weeks. After that I just kept picking up new books and reading them while sleeping like an infant. The Percy Jackson series is important to me because that sparked my interest in Greek mythology. I went on to read the entire series and all the other parallel series.

(Describe) Consider the books that have made a difference in your life. What kind of books are they (e.g., novels, reference books, religious books, children’s books, comic books)? How did you access these books? Were they already in your home? Did you go to the library? Did you get them as gifts, or did you buy them at a bookstore? What were your early experiences with school libraries, public libraries, and bookstores? What role do books currently play in your life? Have you kept many of the books that are important to you? Why or why not?

The books that have made a difference in my life were all non-fiction books. I believe it attributes to the creative side in my brain and how much they mythology and lore got me going. Some of these books were already in my house and the ones that weren’t my mom and I would buy at Barnes n noble and eventually ordering them from Amazon. I would always enjoy going in to my school libraries but never like checking books out from them. I would browse and find books I like and once I found them I would go home and tell my mom to order them. Currently books play a more educational role in my life, I use books to absorb all sorts of knowledge like the one I bought for this class. I have kept most of the books that are important to me in hopes of my younger brothers reading them. Unfortunately, they are not big time readers.

(Interpret) Consider your book experiences in relation to the decade in which you started reading and the other media and activities battling for your attention. Did you generally have negative or positive experiences connected to books and reading? Do you have certain coming-of-age experiences connected to books? Why?

When I first started reading the digital age was yet to go into full swing. I didn’t have an issue being distracted by my phone, computer, TV, or video games. As I grew older it did become harder to connect with books due to the increasingly large presence of digital media. I never had any maturing experiences connected with books. As I grew older my taste in books grew older to a point where now I only read course related materials.

(Evaluate) After considering your book experiences, what do you think is the role of books in an age of electronic media?

Books are still very important in our electronic age. They inspire movies and TV shows. Books also still hold great knowledge and provide great learning materials. Books will always be around because a nice page on a book will never be replaced by a kindle or an iPad.

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