Women are not Men

Women are not Men





Women are not Men

Women have many differences compared with men. Men are seen expansively engaging in different activities like use of internet. Men also compete for their gain as less seen in women and they have made a significant gain but still not comfortable as less women do. In addition men are more violent depending on their temper and their masculine body. Traditionally, there were many differences between men and women whereby even the gender roles were seen distinguishing them but today things have changed (Nwapa, 2010).

Things have greatly changed concerning gender roles. In the past, woman was seen as a wife in the family and had to do all the activities in the house. Her work was to give birth and nurture the children but today woman have engaged in different economic sources. They have engaged themselves in professional world and dress up than before. Today men can choose what to do either to stay home with their newborn or to leave and none to ask them. These changes have great impact because no one can rely on stereotype of body language but can mindful on his/her own life (Nelson,2006).

Conclusively, the society need to have policy for gender equity and woman empowerment in order to cater for every individual needs in the society. There is need of changing today’s lifestyle and many challenges have forced these changes to occur. The revolution opened ways for women and men to engage in different carriers for provision of their families. These changes have not been that easy because everyone has to struggle for provision of their families. These changes have encouraged women to do much and to stop relying on one gender economically.

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