BBA 3201 Unit V PowerPoint

BBA 3201 Unit V PowerPoint

Columbia Southern University

Ford Motor Company

Incorporated 100 years ago in 1919Global automotive and mobility companyBusiness includes automotive:DesignManufacturingMarketingServiceOperations encompass Ford cars, trucks, & SUVs as well as Lincoln luxury vehicles

Ford Motor Company

Operates within four segments:AutomotiveFinancial ServicesFord Smart MobilityCentral Treasury OperationsSells to individuals, commercial fleet customers, rental companies, and governmentsAdditional products include automotive parts, accessories, vehicle servicing, & extended vehicle service contractsGlobal company with automotive segments located all over the world

Favorite Ford Products

Ford F-Series (F-150)Produced for over 70 yearsBest selling vehicle in the U.S. for many yearsBest selling truck for many moreMore than 26 million soldFord Mustang (Various modelsthe fast ones!)Introduced in 1964Sold 22,000 on the first day 1 million within two yearsOne of the longest running and most popular muscle cars of all timeClassics, Shelbys, Various Performance Versions

Ford’s Market Share

Target Market:Middle Upper classCommercial transportation enterprisesIndividuals seeking technologically advanced autosBrand loyalistsMarket Share:U.S. 14.4%Global 5.8%

Market Share Brand Recognition

Ford uses multiple strategies in terms of positioning its brand to increase brand recognitionAim is to create emotional and inspirational ties with current and potential customersHeavy reliance upon brand equity in terms of quality product offeringsPositive word of mouth recognition and top of mind awareness within developed nations helps to increase market share

Market Share Brand Strategy

Do more than “just sell cars”Develop new automotive technologiesAutonomous vehiclesExpanded servicesRefresh & create a new brand imageNew vehiclesCustomer personalizationKeeping with traditionIncreased accessibility

Market Share Product Positioning

Ford positions its products to align with current customer desires and needsFuel efficiencyQualitySustainable products

Value Created

Over the years, Ford has looked to continue to create value for its customers and to provide quality, reliable, products that are accessible by all. This idea was instilled within the company in the early days by Henry Ford beginning with the implementation of the moving assembly line. This idea to produce more cars at lower costs so that the normal American household could afford a car has remained at the core of Fords principles. Ford is creating value for its customers by standardizing production, making factories more flexible, and improving and advancing technologies in an effort to build the best possible vehicles at the best possible value for its customers all over the globe (“100 Years of the Moving Assembly Line,” n.d.)

Why Does Ford Appeal to me?

Ford as a brand appeals to me for many reasons as a brand that I have used previously and will continue to use in the future.Quality and reliabilityA brand that I trustCommitment to new technologiesA known brand that has been around for a long timeI know and understand how their products worksComfort factor with the brandVery importantly, I just like their products!F-Series trucks, Mustangs, performance vehicles


**Please see notes section for references**