BBA 2026

BBA 2026 Unit III Article Review – The Impacts of Leadership on Workplace Conflicts

The Impacts of Leadership on Workplace Conflicts BBA 2026: Organizational Communication ABSTRACT This articles message is to talk about the influence on managers leadership styles. The three leadership styles are transformational, transactional, and laissez-faire. These three styles will be evaluated on the level and the nature of workplace conflicts, both cognitive and relational in nature. […]

Open Communication Within Organizations

Open Communication Within Organizations BBA 2026: Organizational Communication Open communication within an organization is one of the most beneficial strategies that can be adopted by management. “What is Open Communication.” (n.d.) defines open communication as employees being encouraged to share their thoughts and concerns, both good and bad, without the worry of retaliation from management

Red Bull’s Stratos Space Jump

Red Bull’s Stratos Space Jump Name BBA 2026: Organizational Communication Professor Date YouTube was launched in 2005 by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim. Today YouTube is one of the biggest and most visited websites in the history of the internet. The three of them realized, while working for PayPal, that there was not

Communication is Essential in the Workplace

Communication is Essential in the Workplace BBA 2026: Organizational Communication Workplace communication is vital in how a business runs and operates. The business itself, the structure, has no workload, doesn’t talk to people, put out products, or service customers, the employees and leadership inside do. Communication between the employees and how they get along, as

Google and Open Communication

Google and Open Communication BBA 2026: Organizational Communication Google and Open Communication Google has set the tone for the future as far as communication strategies and innovative ways to make their employees successful, happy, and eager to go to work everyday to grow the organization. The “Google Effect,” is the culture that Google emulates and

BBA 2026 Unit 1 Assessment

Unit 1 Assessment In “What was Volkswagen Thinking?”, Jerry Useem was relating how corporate employees, as well and their leaders, seem to go around corners to accomplish their goals. That doing the easy wrong, is harder that doing the hard right. Meaning, that they take the easy way out in order to save themselves instead

BBA 2026 Unit II Article Review

Unit II Article Review BBA 2026: Organizational Communication ABSTRACT Leaders in Ottawa County, Michigan have undergone critical training to provide a better customer service strategy. This strategy is called “the Disney Way” of customer service. At least in the private sector, competitive forces provide an incentive to emulate outstanding customer service icons like Disney, Starbucks,

Keeping Open Communication Flowing

Keeping Open Communication Flowing Columbia Southern University Google has had a fantastic reputation for being a model on what management should be like and how many companies today train their new management to be like. They have a vast understanding of what it takes to lead a company and how management can empower their employees

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