BHR 3301 Unit 3 Journal

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Unit 3 Journal

A job analysis is conducted to identify the specifics of all positions within the organization and, therefore, determines the level of importance of the position to the organization. What are your thoughts on the job analysis being needed in order to develop the job description and performance evaluation? Is it vital? What is the importance of this process, and how can you use it in your current or future career?

Your journal entry must be at least 200 words in length. No references or citations are necessary.

A job analysis is extremely important to the success of the organization. When a company is hiring, you look at what jobs they have posted as “available,” and you review your interest from there. Next, you look at the job description for that position and then decide on whether this company is worth your time and effort in applying, or do you look elsewhere for similar positions. Every job should have a job analysis involved in creating the job description. Within companies and organizations, there are always changes. This can be the removal of extra tasks of individuals or groups, or it can be adding more responsibilities to an individual or groups job. Then, you must look at the overall level of that position. The higher you go, the more responsibility you have on your shoulders. In the Army, the higher ranking you go, the more Soldiers you have under you that you must mentor and lead in your career field. This can be difficult for some people, but it is part of the job within the military. You MUST be ready for the increasing responsibility. To get this description for the levels of the position, performance evaluations will be important. This measures individuals performance based on the organizations standards. Like in the Army, we have Noncommissioned Officers Evaluation Reports, that are used to determine the level of proficiency, within their job, that individual has. In the first page of this evaluation is the job description. This is based of that they do, or are supposed to do, within the unit, company, battalion, or brigade. This is determined by the many positions over the years that have been filled. It is ever changing due to the ever-changing military. Like an organization, you need to evaluate many people to get the overall job description of a position within a company. This will give the HR personnel who are hiring, the best chances of getting the best person for the job that is described based on experience and qualifications. Without a job analysis, I do not think any organization can be successful. This is because you will have random people filling these positions that may not have the necessary qualifications to do that job. And, it may not be their fault if the company that hires them doesn’t list what they will be doing or what is expected of them before the hiring has taken place.

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