Phoenix Cellular

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Phoenix Cellular


Executive summary

Phoenix Cellular is the fastest growing cellular company in the greater Phoenix area. Currently the company has over one hundred thousand customers enjoying the same great cellular service as the other major carriers at half of the cost. Currently Phoenix cellular’s monthly revenue is $1.6 million dollars.


Currently Phoenix cellular does not have a business class service to offer local businesses. Additionally, our regular customers do not have the ability to get data plans through Phoenix cellular. Furthermore, our current customers do not have the ability to upgrade their cellular devices nor could purchase cellular devices through us. By not offering these services, Phoenix cellular is losing out on substantial revenue as well as not leading the area in excellent cellular service to current customers. To become a leader in the cellular industry, Phoenix cellular must make some changes within the next year to become more profitable.


By offering a business class cellular service in the next year, Phoenix Cellular’s revenue will increase by twenty percent, this would increase revenue profits an additional $320,000 per month. Furthermore, this will give Phoenix cellular the leverage needed to become the premier cellular carrier in the Phoenix area. By offering a business class service to the line of services that Phoenix cellular offers it will allow local business to better service their clients as well as keep the local economy stable.

Phoenix cellular needs to offer data plans that are affordable unlike the major cellular companies. By adding levels of data as well as the ability to offer our customers phone upgrades, will increase the company revenue by thirty percent which is the equivalent of $480,000 per month. This will need to be completed within the next three to six months. We will offer data plans as low as $14.95 per month for one gigabyte (1gb) of data to unlimited data without throttling for $39.95 per month on top of the customers normal monthly rate for service.

Marketing Plan

For our regular customers, we will begin the process of offering data plans. These plans will vary depending on the amount of data they are looking for. They will range in options such as: Pay as you go (1GB), 5 GB, 10 GB, 15 GB and unlimited packages. We at Phoenix Cellular would recommend that those who use little to no data at all use the pay as you go or 5GB option. The 10-15 GB plan would work best for couples or smaller families, ideally with one child that recently came of age to own and operate a phone. The unlimited plan is what we will suggest to users that are frequently using data throughout the day, or for the larger families that have more than 2-3 children.

In addition to offering data plans, we have begun the process of offering upgrades. The possible upgrade options include waiting until the customers’ plan has expired and we will offer a promotional price for certain devices, given that they renew their contract with Phoenix Cellular. The longer a customer stays with Phoenix Cellular, the lower the promotional price will be for upgrading to the newest device. If a customer wishes to upgrade their device before the expiration and renewal of their contract, this can be done for a fee. To encourage customer loyalty with Phoenix Cellular, this fee will gradually shrink the longer a customer has been with Phoenix Cellular.

To better serve the local businesses, Phoenix Cellular will be unveiling a business class cellular service. This service will be offered in various plans which is dependent upon the number of employees working for the business. These services include but are not limited to; Directory listings, Unlimited Nationwide calling, Low-Cost International calling, Privacy settings, call forwarding, caller ID and music on hold. The business class plans will have certain add-ons for smaller additional fees. These add-ons include but are not limited to; Voicemail features, a Toll-Free number, Directory assistance and additional phone lines.

Background information about the product, service, or brand

Phoenix Cellular has been around for a short period of time. In that time, they have tried to excel greatly with their fellow competitors. Phoenix Cellular is the fastest growing cellular company in the greater Phoenix area. Currently, we do not offer cellular phones or data plans. Phoenix Cellular has a well-established reputation for becoming the best once we market and offer major brands. We look to offer our customers a vast range of thoroughly tested devices available across multiple models and wonderful data plans to go along. While there are a lot of other competitors out there we try to offer our customers great cost-efficient products suitable to their needs. Our vision is to service the public more efficiently with our expertise as a leading company in the Phoenix region. We will offer high-volume and good quality.

We have a team of experienced workers that have been in the business for quite some time and that will do their very best to supply the consumer’s needs. Our phones that will be offered once marketing undergoes meetings with different brands will have undergone many test and certifications to be sure that they withstand all your needs. We have technicians carry out in at least 20 individual tests and assessments on each device, using the latest software to confirm that all the functions are fully working, and it is network and security lock-free. This attention to detail ensures our devices are of the highest functional and highest cosmetic quality. We don’t currently offer many plans at this moment but are researching and analysis our competitors to offer A+ standards. We have a plan in place to offer data plans/upgrades at half the cost of our competitors but with more coverage and a bigger bang for their buck.

A SWOTT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and trends)

StrengthsGood Customer Satisfaction StrategyBrand Loyalty incentivesStrong plan of action
WeaknessesNewer Company Not as well positioned as other companies within the same industryIntense competition globally from bigger players within industryBusiness Class Cellular service
OpportunitiesRoom for expansion to newer markets and areaPromoting business and data plansincreasing consumer interestsNew technologies and servicesMarketing outreach
ThreatsOther cellular service companies Slower Economy can hurt profitabilityGovernment RegulationsCompetition can decrease business
TrendsCellular use use of mobile apps. Faster networksBetter cellular devices

Competitive analysis

Phoenix CellularAT&TVerizon
Basic service price$29/mo. Per line$59/mo. Per line$39/mo. Per line
Business Class ServiceNone currently$299/mo. For up to four lines w/unlimited data$199/mo. For up to four lines w/ unlimited data
Data PackagesNone currently1gb to Unlimited1gb to Unlimited
TechnologyLG DevicesApple, Samsung and LG devicesApple, Samsung and LG devices

*** best

Market analysis

Market analysis research has focused upon variables like Target Market, Market Need, Competition and Barriers to Entry. Initially, the target market will be owners of LG devices in the greater Phoenix area and the surrounding areas of Arizona. This includes parts of California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. We will be pursuing customers from all age ranges and household sizes within these areas. The market need shows that customers are seeking reliable service with quality support without breaking the bank. We are facing off with service giants such as AT&T and Verizon. However, these companies come with their respective faults. AT&T offers reliable support and service on all three types of devices, but they are also the most expensive option. Verizon has reliable support but shaky service on all three types of devices for a moderately priced option. This is where we come in, we will offer reliable support and service for the cheapest option. The biggest barrier to our entry will be that we are only available on LG devices. AT&T and Verizon are available on all types of devices, Apple, Samsung and LG. Moving forward in our operations we will have to find a way to become compatible with Apple and Samsung products.

Market segmentation and target audience

The market segment will be for businesses and mobile phone users and the target audiences will include both businesses and middle-class individuals.

Anything else that provides insight into the current status of the product, service, or brand

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