BSL 4000

BSL 4000 Unit II Project

Unit II Project Columbia Southern University Unit II Project The Executive Leadership Council (ELC) of Fig Technologies (FIG) hired The Solution Group (TSG) to assess the work environment in the Miami, Florida and Kansas City, Missouri offices. There have been reports of unprofessional behavior in both offices. The two offices have a friendly rivalry with […]

BSL 4000 Unit I Project

UNIT I PROJECT COLUMBIA SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY Unit I Project Fig Technologies (Fig) is a technology solution firm who has offices in numerous places in the world. This firm has recently made efforts to expand the firm to different regions, which will allow the company to grow the products and services. Fig has acquired several small

BSL 4000 Unit VI PowerPoint Presentation

The History of Diversity-Based Legislation 1 Diversity To begin with, diversity in the workplace means having employees from a wide range of backgrounds. Workforce diversity acknowledges the reality that people are different in many ways, visible or invisible, mainly gender, age, marital status, social status, disability, sexual orientation, religion, personality, ethnicity, culture just to mention

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