Budget Issues Presentation

CJA/ 365 City Council Budget Proposal Learning Team D 6/3/17

 City Council Proposal


City East Proposaloverview

DemographicsPopulationCensus DataPolice Department stats i.e. (# of employees, departments Employee categories,)General Statistics


Police Services


Police units


Drug Enforcement Unit 10 DetectivesSwat Team 10 DetectivesViolent Crimes Unit 5 DetectivesSex Crimes Unit 3 DetectivesDomestic Violence Unit 2 DetectivesGang Unit 4 Detectives Burglary Unit 4 DetectivesIdentity Theft/Auto Crimes Unit 4 DetectivesSurveillance Unit 4 DetectivesIntelligence Unit 4 Detectives

Proposal strategy

Our target population is the city of Albuquerque, New MexicoLargest median group are citizens between the ages of 25 to 44 years of ageAverage incomed is $40,000This requires a police force of 200 total sworn police officers


Proposed cuts: 1st

Bike (Air) Unit comprised of 10 officersEstimated cost for this unit $2.5 millionIncludes bike maintenance, advanced training, equipment and insurance


Proposed cuts cont’d: 2nd

Crime Lab UnitComprised of 9 civilian employeesHas allowed an on-site fully functional labExpenses include: equipment, maintenance, testing, storage, continuous training


Proposed cuts cont’d: 3rd

Overtime programRe-analysis of traffic enforcement OTSeek and identify grant programs offered by public and private sector organizations that promote public safety


Budget cut problems SOLVED

Successfully cut Budgets causing a 7% reduction in monetary usage as required by the City Manager of Expenses.Successfully eliminated unneeded certain task forces without the discharge of officers.Found other areas in which cuts can be made in order to maintain the main goal of budget cuts without effecting officer employment.

Budget cut effectiveness conclusion continued

Reduce the amount of overtime by assigning officers pulled from other areas to work where they are needed. Cost of supplies and materials were cut back on by buying from cheaper vendors and eliminate items/materials that were not deemed necessary to the taskControlled employment by allowing officers to work the areas in which overtime was needed.



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