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Debate Centralized budgeting

Debate: Centralized Budgeting CJA/365 Debate: Centralized Budgeting My Position Should budget authority be granted across multiple levels in a criminal justice organization or centralized by a separate city or government unit? Decentralized Budgeting that is centralized makes the people in charge to consider the various departments as a whole. More focus can go into specific […]

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Centralized Budget

Debate: Centralized Budgeting CJA/365 Introduction Budget planning is necessary to indicate the future direction of an agency or department regarding expected monies and expenditures. This paper will discuss whether the budget authority should be granted across multiple levels in criminal justice organization or centralized by a separate city or government unit. I will provide supporting

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Budget Issues Presentation

CJA/ 365 City Council Budget Proposal Learning Team D 6/3/17  City Council Proposal 1 City East Proposaloverview DemographicsPopulationCensus DataPolice Department stats i.e. (# of employees, departments Employee categories,)General Statistics 2 Police Services 3 Police units 4 Drug Enforcement Unit 10 DetectivesSwat Team 10 DetectivesViolent Crimes Unit 5 DetectivesSex Crimes Unit 3 DetectivesDomestic Violence Unit 2

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Agency Budget Paper

Agency Budget Paper NAME CJA/365 Agency Budget Paper Every agency out there must form a budget to operate day to day. This week, our team has chosen the FBI, the DEA, and the TSA as our federal agencies to research their budget.The FBI, (Federal Bureau of Investigation) the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) and the TSA

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Public stewardship

Public Stewardship CJA 365 Student name: Student id: Public Stewardship Public stewardship is a condition in which the government act as a responsibility protector and active managersfor the state resources. For a country to achieve this state,it needs to have national and subnational institutes for governance ensuring management, oversight of security services and civilian control

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