Diverse Workforce

Diverse workforce

Human Resourse Management

Diversity between Baby Boomer vs. Millenials

Most view Baby boomers very loyal to their company. Willing to put in long hours to get done what needs to be done and are team players. Capability of breaking large projects down into smaller, more manageable sections and delegating those appropriately. Prefer direct conversation in person. Millennials are considered a whole new breed. Most view the Millennials open minded, goal oriented and great multi taskers. Accomplished agents who desire open, true relationships with managers. Want to honestly appreciate their jobs, as well as the people they work with.

Baby Boomers – Characteristics

Age groups of mid1906s – mid 1964sIdentified as a more traditional groupClose to retirementLoyal to employers

Millenials – characteristics

Age group of 1980s to early 2000sIdentified as a more risk taker groupGreat at multi-taskingIncreased familiarity and use of electronics and technology

Diverse workforce – babyboomers

They are thought to be work-centric, extremely hardworking and motivated by position, perks, and prestige. Mentally focused and competitive, the generation grew up in turbulent times (consider the Cold War and the Cuban Missile Crisis or the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr.). Because of that, Boomers began to fight for social, economic and political changes.

Diverse workforce – millenials

They are thought to possess a great deal of confidence and tolerance, but also entitlement and narcissism. Refusing to comply, they blame the Baby Boomers for wrecking the economy and having zero understanding of the Millennial definition of work-life balance, necessary in the workplace.

Diverse workforce

Research shows employers also stand in favor of age diversity because each of the generation has their own advantages like matured professional have good experience in decision making as well as younger people have more cheerful attitude and very dynamic towards any kind of issues in the organization.


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