BUS 313

Business Plan

Assignment 4: Final Business Plan BUS313 – Introduction to Entrepreneurship This is the business plan for Lomati’S, a new bistro in Ashland, Virginia. Ashland is a small Main Street Community that has proven to be a viable location to start new and different eateries. Of the seven restaurants, not counting fast food restaurants, six of …

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Startup Funds

BUS313 – Introduction to Entrepreneurship Startup funds refer to the money that is needed by the new business owner to start a new business. These funds can apply to building rent, equipment purchase, permits or any other item that requires money to begin a business (Staff, 2017). Startup funds is a term that incorporates all …

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Target Market Segment

BUS313 – Introduction to Entrepreneurship Finding the target market for the new business is probably the most important step when planning a new business. Without identifying the target market, it’s nearly impossible to direct your focus to sufficiently appeal to the ideal segment of the population. The best way to begin the process is to …

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Business Model

Assignment 1: Business Model BUS313 After reviewing the videos and articles, I found that the business models discussed: manufacturer, distributor, online or brick and mortar, didn’t pertain to the small restaurant or bistro that we dream of opening. Initially, I found three food business models: the Food Truck, Quick-Serve, and Bar business models that still …

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