BUS 340

Organizational Change Proposal

Organizational Change Proposal BUS 340 Business Communication Organizational Change Proposal After learning that our unit will not be receiving additional manpower during last month’s Branch Workforce meeting, our management team has been exploring other options to address our top three personnel issues. The result from our recent employee interviews identifies task distribution, cross-functional communication, and …

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Business Proposal

Business Proposal BUS 340 Business Communications Business Proposal The average time of employment for a door to door sales person is only a few months. Our ability to retain these types of employees have proven to be extremely difficult. The longevity of these of employees drastically increases when their tenure is more than 6 months. …

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Annual Report

Annual Report Darren Christopher Holt BUS 340 Business Communications What organizational differences, if any, do you see in the way each corporation discusses its annual performance? Is the data presented clearly so that shareholders can draw conclusions about how well the company performed? I chose Comcast and Dish Network to do my research on. Both …

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International Job Application

International Job Application BUS 340 Business Communications When you find the job posting, provide a copy of the job posting with your assignment. Provide the entire job description and list the website address. Amazon Performance Manager Link Vendor Performance Manager Company/Location (search) UK-London Posted Date3 months ago (8/14/2018 5:47 AM) Job ID 702956 # Positions …

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How Proper Communications Can Satisfy a Workplace Problem

How Proper Communications Can Satisfy a Workplace Problem BUS 340 Business Communication How Proper Communications Can Satisfy a Workplace Problem Let’s face it; it’s impossible to please every business customer. In today’s world, people with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and cultures can use the same company’s services but may not understand or interpret their policies the …

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