BUS 343

BUS 343 Week 4 Assignment – The Message

International Marketing– BUS343 Introductions Marketing communication is not always easy and can become even more difficult when doing so internationally. There are steps in place to help marketers communicate effectively but they don’t always help steer away from misunderstandings. Marketing to a target audience internationally takes focus and a local marketer to ensure the right […]

BUS 343 Week 3 Assignment – Bottom of the Pyramid

International Marketing– BUS343 Introductions People around the world need products and services to survive these days. From the filthy rich to dirt poor, they all have needs. Households with adequate incomes do not struggle to provide the basic necessities to their families but the households in the bottom of the pyramid do. Creating opportunities for

BUS 343 Week 2 Assignment – Fair & Lovely

International Marketing– BUS343 Introductions Advertising campaigns require more thought and compassion that just creating something that is legal. Creating a campaign that is morally and socially acceptable is just as important as the legality. There is controversy surrounding the advertising campaign for Fair & Lovely’s fairness cream in India and it’s use of social status

BUS343 Week 1 Assignment – Red Bull

International Marketing– BUS343 Introductions Red Bull is familiar with expanding into foreign markets and proof is in the pudding. Red Bull is currently available in 171 countries but it hasn’t always been a cake walk for the energy drink giant. As with Red Bull, any company entering a foreign market will encounter hurdles that cannot

Cultural Norms, Fair & Lovely, and Advertising

Cultural Norms, Fair & Lovely, and Advertising BUS 343 International Marketing Cultural Norms, Fair & Lovely, and Advertising I believe that although, the company Hindustan Lever Ltd (HLL) researched and studied their targeted audience, they tried to keep in mind the audiences cultural values, and cultural norms for the geographical area their intending to target,

The Scope and Challenge of International Marketing

The Scope and Challenge of International Marketing BUS 343 International Marketing McDonald’s has been able to effectively reach their targeted audience and started in 1955, in San Bernardino, CA. However, since then it has opened in approximately 119 countries, with over 14,000 restaurants in America and 416 in India and 2,911 in Japan (Statista, 2016).

BUS 343 Week 5 Final Paper

Final Paper BUS 343 International Marketing E- Marketing and shopping are one of the fastest growing business platforms that connect the world into one global market and with any business there are opportunities and challenges they face. Based on the article, the following are the challenges and opportunities faced by the e-marketing and e-shoppers. Describe

Communication and Marketing

Communication and Marketing BUS 343 International Marketing Summarize the impact (both good and bad) that communication has on international marketing. In order for a company to be successful they must have a good understanding of their targeted audience. Communications in international marketing plays a major role in effective communication. A good impact that I would

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