Presentation to the Board

Presentation to the Board

BUS 520: Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Executive Summary 1

Task Force Committee Report to Board of Directors

Issues and Solutions

Tesla, A multi-billion-dollar corporation was founded in 2003 by engineers who wanted people to see that they didn’t have to compromise anything by owning and driving an electric vehicle. They tried to prove electric vehicles could be better, faster, and more fun than the gasoline vehicles already in popular demand. The organizational issue that adversely affected productivity in the Tesla market and sales that most affects cars being bought is the availability of longer mileage vehicles and more needed charging stations.

Tesla’s areas of weakness are their drop-in sales due to vehicles limited distance in miles before needing a charge and charging stations are sparse in many locations. By addressing and correcting these issues. Tesla’ proposed solution would be to build a longer mileage vehicle, increase the number and availability of power stations, or in a best-case scenario, both. A top-down revamp of emphasis on these two areas will increase demand and drive higher sales and profits.

The organizational practices I would modify would be the advertisement and production of higher mileage vehicles with a very ambitious goal toward putting more charging stations in more locations while advertising and making a real-time application that people could log onto and see the growth. Our solutions to management would be to modify current organizational practices to change the reservations of a new customer while keeping our existing customer’s happy to advertise in our favor and resolve the issue. This is going to involve restructuring the assembly and production of chargers, marketing, and sales to include possible co-locating with another company that already owns space and locations. In doing so, we improve our sales and profit.

Executive Summary 2

Professional Development Program Proposal

Great leaders regularly asses their organizations by addressing issues and proposing solutions. One of those solutions is developing a proposal for a professional development training program that centers on motivational strategies and how an emotional intelligence management approach would benefit department managers.

People are motivated to act a way that restores or maintains a sense of balance or perceived equity in their minds. This is most commonly seen in the workplace when people perceive inequity by feeling under-rewarded or over-rewarded in comparison with others. We would address this through fair transparency and open dialog.

The core attributes of a capable team are achieving a high level of task performance, achieving a high level of member satisfaction, and achieving a high level of team viability. Our effectiveness in teams will lie in our continuous evaluation and improvement of organizational behavior with a focus on individual and group EI to motivate all members to produce high-volume quality work.

The most effective reward system for this organization would involve many facets to motivate employees to exhibit the individual forces within themselves that account for the level and persistence of their efforts expended for accomplishing our work. The employee would give work-effort, loyalty, commitment, knowledge, skills, and abilities. Our organization would offer pay, benefits, meaningful work, flexible schedules, personal development, bonuses, promotions, alternate work schedules, paid parking, in-house childcare, and promotions.

Executive Summary 3

Position Paper: Power, Politics, and Culture

Power and politics are always influencing an organization’s culture. That culture can make or break a business by directly affecting productivity. This paper will analyze the ways power and politics influenced organizational culture. The CEO has requested my task force to investigate the influence of power and politics on our corporate culture. In response, this position, the paper will present and support my recommendations to improve the culture.

Understanding and being able to recognize both the power and politics of an organization is one of the most critical and misunderstood parts of organizational behavior. Politics exist in Both formal and informal systems in organizations. Politics in power-play have influence Tesla’s corporate culture in many ways. These influences are both internal and external to tesla’s organization.

Tesla’s sources of power open a pool of finance to allow for future expansion, training, rewards for excellent employees, and continued growth. Management will use this influence to benefit all departments and improve organizational performance. To enhance the leadership behavior and culture and all it has to offer, training, and retraining along with assessment will aid in leadership development to drive and affect behavior and culture in our organization.

Being a great leader is the ability to influence others to accomplish the work by providing purpose, direction, and motivation. Leaders must first understand their people to know how to lead them. Weak leaders will affect the business poorly, and great leaders will equally have a significant effect on the organization. To improve Tesla must learn and apply the influence of power and politics on our corporate culture, and how it will foster teamwork, strengthen interpersonal relationships, enhance communication, and affect overall performance.


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