CapraTek Succession Planning

CapraTek: Succession Planning


Challenges of past-focused thinking that does not address current business environments within CapraTekTechniques and approaches to respond to conditions within CapraTekHR challenges in terms of people and systems within CapraTekCourse of action to resolve the present challenges

The following topics will be covered:


Change ManagementKey employees retiringScott Koelher, Director of FinanceTony Huang, Vice President of TechnologyChuck Fulmer – SpartanburgFred Sanders, Assistant Plant Manager at MahometClients requesting design and material changesFalling behind the industry in technology; the Internet of Things TurnoverTalent pipelineWhat are we doing about it?Capella University, 2017

Succession Planning

A systematic approach to ensuring leadership continuity within an organization through recruiting and employee development and growth. It’s about having the right people, in the right place, at the right time (Haroski, 2017).

Benefits of Succession Planning

Provides framework to align leadership with strategic business needs as well as the development of leadership/management staffProvides ongoing job analysis and opportunity for executive staff to adjust roles based on changing business need and strategic objectivesStrengthens relationship and communication between senior management through regular contactCreates a talent pipeline for unexpected vacancies(Sims, 2014)

Identify critical positionsIdentify which positions need a succession planConduct organizational assessmentIdentify skills, education and experiences needed to qualify for each positionIdentify behavioral competenciesPlan for future and existing rolesDevelop desired leadership competencies

Techniques and Approaches

Potential candidatesIdentify who is at riskIdentify who has leadership potentialIdentify critical employeesAssess performance for potential advancement

Challenges for CapraTek

Primary development needs for potential candidatesConduct Gap AnalysisAssess all employeesDetermine readiness for promotion within 1 year, 2, years, etc. Communicate with employees

Challenges for CapraTek

Leadership development programs and skill-specific education programs for finance and technology, to include internal mentoring programs

Course of Action

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