HRM 326

Training Needs Analysis

University of Phoenix Material Training Needs Analysis To understand the development needs throughout the business, the senior management of COMPANY XYZ would like to have a strategic planning meeting with you (the training manager) to discuss your departments specific training requirements. In order to provide some structure to the session, management asks that you complete …

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Development Plan

Development Plan HRM/326 Development Plan It is an essential function of an HR professional’s role to assess the legalities of training and determine whether a plan has the potential of offending any protected classes prior to roll out. A cultural assessment should be included so as to use generic terms that further reduce risk. HR …

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CapraTek Succession Planning

CapraTek: Succession Planning Outline Challenges of past-focused thinking that does not address current business environments within CapraTekTechniques and approaches to respond to conditions within CapraTekHR challenges in terms of people and systems within CapraTekCourse of action to resolve the present challenges The following topics will be covered: Challenges Change ManagementKey employees retiringScott Koelher, Director of …

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