Final Project: Incorporating Visuals

Final Project Incorporating Visuals

CGD 218

Visual Literacy in Business

For my final project, I would like to enlighten others on the importance of cross-training as well as some key strategies to focus on when cross-training. Cross-training is essential to employers. I plan to outline this in my final project power point presentation. I located five visuals to help me complete my project.

My first photo is of a working man with several arms. He has many different things in each hand showing that he has many tasks. This photo signifies the fact that he must multitask within his day. I plan to use this photo as the cover of my power point presentation. I believe that this photo will give people an overall view of the message behind my presentation. The second photo is a diagram of job responsibility and cross training. The photo has arrows which represent job duties and letters that represents employees. I believe this photo works well with my project because fits with my subject of the importance of cross training. Showing the arrows to and from the letters show employees sharing responsibilities. My third photo is a blackboard with the words training and development as well as many other strong words that are important in cross training. Being knowledgeable in your job will make you a successful employee and show your employer that you are an asset to their company. My last photo is a picture of a tip from a company that states why you should cross train. My last visual is a video from a company that offers leadership solutions and outline reasons companies should cross train as well as efficient ways to be successful when cross training employees. The video can be located at the following link: This video will show those viewing my presentation the importance of cross training as well as keep them entertained in the process. My presentation will be direct and hopefully keep employers and employees engaged.


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