CIC stage 3 Strategic and operational outcomes

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a.) Strategic outcomes

The new hiring system will assist Chesapeake IT Consultants human resource management with recruitment of new employees once implemented. The following are the strategic goals that the system is expected to achieve once it is implemented.

Strategic goal/objective 1: Integrate all the departments involved in the hiring process. Once the new hiring system is implemented it is expected to coordinate the department involved in the hiring process such as human resource department, finance department, Information technology department, administration department and the hiring manager. Integration of these departments will ease the flow of communication and speed up the time taken in the recruitment process.

Strategic goal/objective 2: Reduce the time taken to complete the hiring process by 15-20%. When the hiring system is implemented, it is expected to increase the rate at which new employees are hired unlike previously when it would take longer to hire new employees for a new project. This means that the time taken when the position is advertised and the candidates interviewed up until they are hired will reduce tremendously as a result the new hiring system.

Strategic goal/objective 3: Track skills and certification of every current staffs of CIC. The system once implemented it is expected to be able keep record of every staffs, their certification and the skills they have. As a result it will reduce the frequency at which the hire new employee every time a new project comes up. It will also be able to accurately match the right employee with the right project.

b.) Process analysis

Hiring process at CIC is a long process that involves different levels from different departments. The following is a table representing the processes involved

Hiring Process step Responsible CIC position
1.Receive application from job hunter Recruiter
2.Screening of resumes for best applicants Recruiter
3.Routing of the best candidates to hiring manager Administrative Assistant
4.Selection of top candidates Hiring manager
5.Scheduling of interview Administrative Assistant
6.Interview of top candidates Interview Team
7.Collection of feedback from interview team Administrative Assistant
8.Update the recruiter on status of interviewees Administrative Assistant
9.Coordination of new hire paperwork with HR Administrative Assistant
10.Updating the HR system with new hire information Human Resource
11.Contacting the new hire Recruiter
12.Extend hiring offer to selected candidate Recruiter/Hiring manager

c.) Requirements

For information system to work perfectly, the business requirements should be set out clearly so that the software can be designed in a way that meets its objectives. Below is a table that represents some of the requirements and individual to provide in the organization.

Requirement No. Requirement Source and title
U-1 Prepare job offer for chosen candidate Recruiter-Paul O’Brien
U-2 Screen of applicant resumes Recruiter-Paul O’Brien
U-3 Track candidate status Hiring manager
U-4 Track staff skills and certificates CFO-Marianne Cho
UR-1 Update new hire details on payroll Human Resource William Bradley
SS-1 Secure clients data CIO-Fadil Abadi
SS-2 Maintain CIC credibility CIO-Fadil-Abadi
SS-3 Ensure system reliability CIO-Fadil Abadi
SS-4 Invest in a long shelf life system CFO-Marianne Cho
SS-5 Reduce paperwork Administrative Ass-Ted Anderson
SP-1 Increase efficiency in hiring process Manager recruiting-Suzanne Rodriguez
SP-2 Reduce functionality cost CFO-Marianne Cho
SP-3 Eliminate manual hiring process Human Resource-William Bradley