MS Project Familiarization

MS Project Familiarization


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Microsoft Word Familiarizing

Microsoft Project is a software program sold and created by Microsoft, that is used by project managers in designing a plan, following the progress, locating resources, working out the budget, and analyzing the amount of work. Microsoft Project is considered as the third window-based application, and several years after its introduction it came to be the leading project management software. Although it’s a part of the Microsoft office group, it’s not incorporated in the office setting. Currently, the program is available in two versions: professional and standard.

At first, Microsoft project seems to be difficult to use as it is time-consuming and complicated. However, with more tutorials and several quizzes or step by step guide, the user feels comfortable using the program (Trevor Roberts, 2012). The user should focus on input information instead of the actual system because the system is different from the other Microsoft systems. Many users prefer to perform their tasks using Microsoft excel compared to Microsoft project, but with more experience, Microsoft project is very easy and simple to use (Trevor Roberts, 2012). Fundamentally, users are usually excited to use Microsoft project because it helps them to gain experience on assessment and implementation activities. Therefore, even if Microsoft project is complicated compared to other programs, it is very easy to use.

The possible challenges a person may encounter while using Microsoft project in this course are performing projects accurately and navigating through them (EPM Live, n.d.). It is may be challenging to navigate through the project because Microsoft project contains extra steps compared to other Microsoft office programs. Other Microsoft programs such as excel require the user to click one button and the same project is completed in a quicker way (EPM Live, n.d.). Additionally, navigating the project using Microsoft project is time-consuming, therefore the user must be patient. Completing assignments accurately may be challenging because Microsoft program is complicated and hard to use. For users who do not know how to use Microsoft project, they may get lost while in it. To do accurate assignments, the user will require a lot of practice on Microsoft project or perform several assignments. Thus, the user would become an expert at using the program and performing projects accurately.

Microsoft project is a significant tool to use in managing task information such as timeline (time limit and schedules), scope (milestones, phases, deliverables, and tasks), and resources (availability, assignments, costs, and effort). Microsoft project offers better integral capabilities compared to other Microsoft office programs such as excel and word (EPM Live, n.d.). After the user has completely learned the project, using Microsoft excel is not crucial because the Microsoft project is designed to increase effectiveness and productivity.

Unlike excel, Microsoft project is capable of exporting and importing information from Microsoft outlook and excel, implement a plan using the incorporated Microsoft project templates, change project duration, save the essential task information, perform “what if “ examination with several undo’s, and identify the factors that affect project dates while tracing the source of the matter easily (EPM Live, n.d.).

In Microsoft project, the tasks which have zero duration automatically act as milestones and the project will determine the total duration without creating formulas while in excel, the user will be required to create formulas to determine the task’s total duration or per phase duration. The understanding Microsoft office project gives the people managing project a distinctive advantage. It is the best tool to assist in managing tasks because it was created for this purpose with features that provide instant achievements in productivity.


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